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Ground Calcium Carbonate

Stonex’s Ground Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is a prominent compound that is available in nature in a variety of colors, from white to gray. Stonex controls the raw material resources of limestone, marble, chalk and dolomite. Stonex offers calcium carbonate grades ranging from 100 to 5,000 mesh.                     

Stonex Whites is known for its excellent ability to provide high capacity, drainage and productivity as an economic filler alternative to PVC. Stonex’s Pride is in the paint industry, where ground calcium carbonate is used as a filler due to competitive prices, ease of use and desired physical properties such as high gloss, low oil absorption and dispersion. As the technical and economic advantages of Stonex Carbonate, paper coating paints achieve high gloss, low binding demand, excellent printing and high gloss. Its self-compacting properties play an important role in the precast concrete industry. The industry is well aware of the significant technical and economic benefits such as high gloss, low binder demand, excellent cutter run capability and better offset printability. At the expense of soil, mainly calcium carbonate levels have increased significantly over the years.

                     Depending on the client’s need, we offer a wide range of Stonex Carbonate for paint and coatings manufacturers. From fuzzy, optical, mechanical and rheological properties, various properties have been retained in decorative applications. In the rubber and plastic industry, Stonex provide good hardness, smooth surface and low friction. All this has been strengthened by state-of-the-art facility labs and quality control department.

                     Furthermore, the widespread availability of minerals combined with adequate logistics for transportation and storage has contributed to rapid and steady growth. In addition to significant advantages over other coating lubricants, mainly clay, natural ground calcium carbonate has evolved into the most widely used lubricant due to its luster in various applications.

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