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Quality Assurance

We Ensure Quality of Our Products

At Stonex we are constantly working with our most advanced laboratory and qualified R & D staff in order to help our clients in optimizing the goods while minimizing the cost. 

We have a laboratory that is fully equipped with the latest machinery to meet the requirements in the field.

  • Malvern Mastersizer
  • Sheen Viscometer
  • Sheen Opacity Meter
  • Minolta Color Reader
  • Moisture Meter

These are only a handful of the various equipment used in our laboratory. In our lab, we have very skilled, extremely trained and knowledgeable people to conduct QC and R&D. In strong cooperation with our production team, our quality management team functions closely to ensure that our potential clients get the best they deserve because we consider them as our corporate partners, and we interact with them on an ongoing basis in the development of our products.


Equipment We Use

Acid Digestion Fume Hood

Muffled Furnance

High Speed Dispenser

Bead Mill

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