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About Stonex

Stonex Grinding is a modern grounded calcium carbonate processing unit yet we have gathered the attention of a good number of Big companies. We have a production capacity of more than 5,000 Tons per year and provide with micron sizes ranging from 100 micron to 1 micron. By our handwork and following a industry standard quality assurance processes we utmost take care of particle size, color and provide a purity of 90% to 99%.

Our Products

By using top class machinery and following a perfectly standard process, Stonex presents the following product line

Ground Calcium Carbonate

Coated Calcium Carbonate

Dispersed Calcium Carbonate

Industries We Serve

Paint and Coating


Paper and Packaging

Glass and Ceramics

Wall Panels


Synthetic Leather

Soap and Detergents

PVC and Ploymer

Oil Field Solutions

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance and RnD teams are always working hard to make every single batch up to our clients standards. They are also diligent in providing new methods and concepts that always exceed our customer’s expectations.


We are using world’s top-class machinery to assure that our respected customers get highest quality products. We got a very hard-working, skilled and professional workforce. Our exceptional production staff are constantly attending workshops and online conferences so that they remain knowledgeable, empowered and also on top of the latest technologies around the world.  Only the purest and finest Limestone is processed and taken to the production facilities in Pakistan, guaranteeing our respected customers good product quality.

Our Precious Clients

We are know to assist assisted many popular names in paint, powder coating, cable, PVC, UPVC, paper, plastic, and artificial leathers. We are working with these firms for a long time and are maintaining a special trust level with every client by providing superior quality products.

Our Certifications

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